The Inspiration behind The Digital Technologies Seniors Program.

Our DTSP program was created as a way to support seniors in learning and maximising their use of technology, while also providing an opportunity for intergenerational exchange. We believe that this program can serve as a bridge between generations, allowing seniors to stay connected with their loved ones and the world around them, while also sharing their valuable life lessons and stories with future generations. This program was inspired by my father, who worked hard all his life and was a man of humility, integrity, and faith.

In his later years, he faced health constraints that kept him largely confined to our home. An iPad gifted to him by my family became his window to the world, allowing him to stay connected with friends and family, and stay informed about current events. However, it wasn’t always easy for him to learn and use this new technology. Looking back, I wish I had been more patient with him as he navigated these challenges.

It is in honour of my father and all seniors like him that we have created the DTSP, which I personally refer to also call the Digital Technologies Sai Peng program in tribute to his memory. We hope that this program will provide a supportive and meaningful learning experience for seniors, while also fostering a sense of community and connection.