The Legacy of Rolf W.Schnyder

The Fondation Rolf Schnyder was established by the family of Rolf W. Schnyder to fulfill his wish of helping those in need, with a focus on children as the future of our world. Since its inception in 2012, the foundation has carried out sustainable projects in countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Mexico, Burundi, and many more. The foundation continues to honor Rolf Schnyder’s legacy of making a positive impact in communities around the globe.
Rolf Schnyder was a Swiss entrepreneur who was born in Zurich in 1935. He began his career in the watch industry, working for Jaeger-LeCoultre and later joining the Diethelm company in Thailand.

In 1966, he became responsible for Philip Morris’s Asian operations, but his passion for watches remained. In 1968, he co-founded a company in Southwestern Asia that manufactured components for the watch industry. He later established his own company, Precima, in Kuala Lumpur in 1975, which specialized in the production of dials and electronic components for high-end brands and companies like ETA, Nivarox, and Comadur.

In 1982, during a visit to Switzerland, Schnyder learned that Ulysse Nardin, a prestigious watch brand, was for sale. With the support of investors and friends, he purchased the company in 1983 with the goal of revitalizing the brand and the mechanical watch industry with innovative and high-quality mechanical watches. Under Schnyder’s leadership, Ulysse Nardin became a leader in the mechanical watchmaking sector, introducing numerous innovations such as the first astronomical wristwatches.

After Schnyder’s passing, the leadership at Ulysse Nardin, including Pierre Gygax, Lucas Humair, Susanne Hurni, and Patrick Hoffmann, will continue to guide the company in accordance with Schnyder’s vision. To learn more about the Fondation Rolf Schnyder, please visit