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This is my father who worked hard all his life. He lived a life of humility and integrity and was always a man of faith and was an incredible role model for my life.

The years leading up to his ‘transit’ to Heaven wasn’t easy, living life pretty much confined on the top floor of our home due to health constraints; Unable to visit the places, friends and relatives of whom he loved to fellowship with. It was only until the day of which my family gifted him with an iPad – his window to the world. The window that enabled him to catch up with his friends, his family and to read about the happenings in the world. It wasn’t an easy journey for him to learn to use the device and many times often of which he would ask me to teach him the tips and tricks of maximizing the use of digital technology. It wasn’t easy for me to teach him as a parent (ask anyone – we always are the least patient when it comes to teaching technology to our own parents). On hindsight after his ‘homegoing’, I wish I had been more patient with him. This had me thinking, how many seniors struggle with technology and how can we support them in their time of need like how they supported us when we were unable to? It was for this reason, the DTSP was conceived and developed as a bridge: to coach seniors in technology and reciprocally, to have the seniors mentor us in return – to leave behind a legacy of life lessons and stories that would be passed on to future generations.
This program is called Digital Technologies Seniors Program(DTSP) or what I’d call The Digital Seniors Sai Peng (My father’s name) program as a tribute to him.

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